Welcome to Noz

Noz Catering uses local and organic products with no artificial or processed ingredients and no GMOs. We are committed to sustainable food service with a farm-to-table approach.



Our Kitchen

Seeking to connect people and nature through food,
we help our clients take control of their health and wellness by working with them
to determine the best menu for their upcoming photoshoots or events. 




Noz Catering was started in 2004 on NYC's Lower East Side by sisters Patricia and Raquel Sanguedo.
Today Noz is one of the most sought-after catering companies in the fashion industry,
serving an A-list clientele in studios and on location throughout the NYC area seven days a week. 


LEED Certified


Noz Catering's kitchen was built in compliance with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) requirements, a rigorous certification process created by the United States Green Building Council and awarded only to businesses that meet the highest standards of environmental sustainability.


For us, being good to the Earth in our business is not only the responsible thing to do, it's also better for the health and well-being of our clients and employees. We strive to use recycled and biodegradable products whenever possible and make every effort to produce minimal landfill waste by recycling and composting. We firmly believe that our business should never come at the cost of leaving a dirty planet for our children.